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MVPros Construction Company is ready to provide service for its customer at any time and place in Toronto and nearby.


Premium vinyl, Longboard, Dizal, Wood, Engineered wood, Sagiwall

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Composite, Pvc, pressure-treated wood, cedar and redwood, pine

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Pressure-treated wood, Aluminum, Cedar

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Custom-designed Railings, Columns, Glass railings, Gates

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Any additions service for matching the rest of your house, both in size and shape, as well as design

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We know our customers’ requirements, we provide both general contractor who can handle minor home addition and also experienced home builder.

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If you can dream it. we can build it. We’re the construction kings, building up great things.

  • MVPros Construction Company

    MVPros Construction Company is the best choice when it comes to rebuilding and design for your exterior needs. We offer our clients over 10 years of experience in exterior services. We serve the greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Our ambition is to provide you with the best experience in construction, with high quality materials, fair pricing, and unparalleled service which will surpass your requirements.

  • How we do it?

    No dream is to big or too small! Whatever the size and location of your building, we are your contractor partner to help you achieve your desired goal. We are here to help our clients generate new exterior design for their new homes with high quality materials and experts in the field. Our extensive experience will offer you realistic and achievable visions to offer the best possible change for your home.

After work guarantee
  • After work guarantee is executed seriously and without the slightest shortcomings, and when the subscriber protested against the performance of the expedition, the replacement person is dispatched to the place of departure and after confirmation, the previous carriers out a rehash and no amount is received from the customer.


Cedar and Redwood fencing

Theese are two popular materials used in fence construction. They are derived from the cedar and redwood trees, both of which have physical properties that make them particularly suitable for the construction of the fence and other outdoor applications. Redwood is one of the most popular choices for quality and economical fencing. Apart from being a cost effective material, it provides durability and a sleek look that will withstand any harsh forces of nature. Redwood has the ability to resist decay and insects because of which it has long been a favorite for homeowners and contractors. Redwood is durable and light weight. It is easy to cut, nail and install.

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MVPros Construction company is ready to provide service for its customer at any time and place in Toronto and nearby. If you would like to have a new room to accommodate your family members, additional space in living room, have a room solely dedicated to work in both home and office just call us. We also offer you any additions service for matching the rest of your house, both in size and shape, as well as design. We will take all consideration to create a beautiful place that matches to your vision.

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Home additions

Our company with high skilled exports do best to provide a huge range of services for its client’s home, from renovations, additions, to custom builds. Our company covers all renovations for both interior and exterior, renovation includes kitchen, bathroom or entire home. All renovation and addition is done completed to our customer’s specification. We use only utilize with highest quality contractor and material in order to ensure a high end product. You can put your home in the hands of our specialist who are able to understand your vision. All the stages of the projects will be put in your control therefore you have all of the input and control. Unlike other builders, we always present realistic budgets and time frames.

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Framing Contract

MVPros Construction company Framing provides in Toronto and nearby area with x framing company that customers can trust to provide efficient and affordable home framing services. We know our customers’ requirements, we provide both general contractor who can handle minor home addition and also experienced home builder. Our expertise try their best to provide what customers need, we understand that there is nothing important than satisfaction of our customers. We will work at the right price and time. Our company also accept any sorts of framing both for home and room depend on your requirement.

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Glass Railings

If you are looking for a unique design which is clear and easy to maintaining you should take a look at glass railings. Our glass railings are suitable for any buildings, it is easy and cost effectively. Our company give you 100% assurance that glass railings are durable structural integrity combined with. U should add lots of photo

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Railing custom, railing design

A railing can be a practical need for stairways to make them safe or children or even older people. It can help fill out your vision for your home and surroundings because it makes your home or land look terrific. Our company has been manufacturing, supplying and installing railings since 2009. We work with all the best material sorts and specialist. MVPpros Construction Company railings are always designed with an eye to maximizing value for our customers. Here are some benefits of railings, they are easy to install and budget friendly. Railings are available for almost any indoor and outdoor applications. It depends on our customer to choose low maintenance galvanizes or aluminum.

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Fence aluminum

We provide fence for residential area, industrial and also commercial. Commercial-grade aluminum fencing is the preferred choice for light commercial and high end residential settings. It adds strength and stability over a residential grade system while offering a less obtrusive appearance than industrial aluminum fencing. There are several standard colors available, many styles and standard heights range from X to Y tall. Custom colors and custom heights are also possible. Gates can be single swing or double swing. Any gate can be straight to match the fence style of your choice or accented with a decorative arched top. Aluminum Fence is consider the best fence for residential it is an outstanding manufacturer of maintenance-free, powder coated residential aluminum fences and gates. Residential aluminum fences are an ideal choice to compliment a structure’s architecture and landscape design while offering safety, boundary definition and security. Industrial grade aluminum fences are recommended for use at Factories, Municipal and government projects, Colleges and universities, Apartment complexes, Schools, Estate Properties, Airports, Other high traffic public area.

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Cedar siding

Cedar siding is one of the best sidings type which has so many advantages that almost everyone is looking for their homes. Apart from it makes beautiful exterior design of your building it increases protection from the elements, long lasting, variety of finishes and types warm appeal, durable and tough plus it is totally environment friendly. Typically cedar is made from Western Red cedar, but sometimes white cedar is used to make cedar siding. It can be painted or treated with stain, oil or even left untreated. It also could be installed horizontal. Cedar siding comes in many different style such as bevel, traditional shakes, seamless and modern. 

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Pressure treated wood, cedar and redwood

Why don’t you call us and get the pressure treated wood for your wood which contact with the ground and above of it usually could get wet and it causes being attacked by fungi and insects and decay. Our company offers you to use pressure treated wood if you would like to keep your wood lasts more than a few years. Several new wood preservatives developed in recent years have added to the variety of preservatives available. Wood preservatives are broadly classified as either water based or oil type, depending on the chemical composition of the preservative.

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PVC decking

• PVC (poly vinyl chloride) decking materials, PVC contrary to composite is made of plastic in fact is a solid cellular plastic this means it is totally free on any sorts of wood. Because it is non-porous it does not require routine maintenance and will not fade, warp, crack, spas, splinter or even stain. PVC decking is also moisture friendly so it can be used around pools, spas and as a docking material. Benefits of having PVC decking 1. Solid Cellular PVC 2. Sweep or hose off when dirty 3. Lighter weight 4. Maximum durability 5. Increased stain resistance 6. Splinter Free 7. Heat dissipation keeps it cool on bare feet 8. The most mold and mildew resistant material for decking

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Decking composite, PVC

Decking- Composites are made up of wood pulp that is combined with plastic which is mostly derived from recycled plastic that makes it environment-friendly. This combination creates decking material low-maintenance, durable to rot and also they have a longer lifespan. Decking-composite lasts for 25 to 30 years. Decking composites don’t require staining or painting, all they do need is cleaning regularly. Here are so many benefits of composite it exactly look like a Real wood, Stain Resistance, Colorfast, Scratch Resistance, Splinter Free

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Wood siding

Wood siding is the best, natural, beautiful and durable sidings that is renowned for both commercial and home buildings noise and provides external temperature. It is improved wood siding so that it resists fungal attacks, peeling, splitting and making it a solid investment. The cost of wood siding depends on types and style of the wood as wood siding could be installed in both commercial and residential it lasts as long as routine maintenance is done. There are exist seven various styles of wood siding Lap Siding, Drop Channel siding, Tongue-and Groove Siding, Split Logs , Board-and-Batten, Shake siding, Shingle siding.

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Dizal PVC siding panels

Having a beautiful exterior design for both your home and commercial building which looks like a real wood but not even contain of the wood is dream for people who take care of the environment. Dizal creates photographic reproductions of a wide range of textures and outstanding color variations right onto PVC siding panel. Dial is applied to provide long term protection against UV rays and fading. Dizal siding is fast and easy installation, all size are available, easy to handle and simple to cut and horizontal and vertical application.

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Sagiwall and longboard siding

One of the best options when it comes to choose siding for both residential and commercial buildings is longboard. Longboard is made from combination of brick, stucco, stone and wide range of other materials in order to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It is the only products you are exactly looking for because it is low-maintenance, long-lasting, energy-efficient, Non-combustible and anti-graffiti coating. Longboard is a perfect solution for achieving all of the wood, it is available in different size as our customer need. If you are looking for one of the best siding which is stylish and modern you should take a look at sagiwall. Sagiwall is an exterior covering for all buildings. sagiwall PVC is a is maintenance free siding y designed for outdoors. Compares to other types of siding sagiwall is highly durable, simple to install and dye, resistant to moisture, UV rays, and insect proof and maintenance free which is so important for us our customers. Our company gives X years warranty to its customers.

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Siding services, vinyl siding

One of the best way in order to protect exterior side of the wall of your house or other building from heat loss and visually unify is siding. There are different material and style which can be used on the wall to enhance beauty of the building including, Fiber siding, Composite siding and Vinyl siding. Our company provides installation services for both residential and commercial or any other building for its customers. Vinyl siding has a wide range of advantages such as, budget-friendly, prevents color fade, energy-efficient, durability and easy maintenance. Without a doubt vinyl siding is the best and number one option for your exterior cladding in Canada.

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Engineered Wood siding

Engineered wood siding is a composite wood which is mixed with different fibers and stands of various wood that are designed to provide the look of the wood while eliminating flaws, resisting deterioration also its more cost effective. Our company offer different size from X foot to Y foot sheets or lap panels. Engineered wood siding is smooth and embossed texture which last mostly between 20 to 30 years. Our company suggest Engineered wood because it provides your wood in various ways. It makes your real wood strength against bad weather condition, moisture and the most important one pets. Furthermore, it is lighter in weight and not time consuming when it comes to installation.

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